Международная летняя школа-2022


From 06 to 19 June 2022, the Kazakh National Agrarian Research University will organize

the International Summer School – 2022


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Thank you for your willingness to participate in our conference. We will also be grateful if you inform interested organizations and individuals about the conference



Working languages of the conference: English.

Form of participation in the conference:

  • Full-time or part-time participation in the form of publication of an article in the conference proceedings



The article is published in English. The volume of the article should be at least 3 pages and not more than 7 pages and contain the results of their own research. Review articles based only on literary sources are not accepted. The authors of the article should be no more than 3 people.

  • The text should be typed in the editor: print type – Times New Roman, Times Kaz, size – 12, interval – 1, paragraph – 1, line spacing – single, margins at the top and bottom - 2.5 cm, left – 3 cm and right – 1.5 cm, and printed (1 copy), according to GOST 7.5-98, GOST 7.1-2003.
  • UDC (top left), with an interval in the center in bold, the name, patronymic, surname of the author (s). After an interval in italics, the name of the organization where the author (-s) studies (-y), after an interval in the center, the title of the article in capital letters.
  • Before the main text, an Annotation to the article is written in the original language in the volume of 80-100 words and keywords (5-7 basic terms or phrases).
  • The text should be edited, include an introduction, materials and methods, research results, discussion of results, conclusions, references, the surname and initials of the author (-s), the title of the article and a summary in 2 other languages of at least 4-5 lines. Drawings and diagrams should be clear, in color format. If they are made on graphic objects, they must be presented on separate sheets. All authors/co-authors of this publication should be included in the references.
  • Section titles: introduction, materials and methods, research results, discussion of results, conclusions should be placed on the red line, and highlighted in bold without a dot.
  • Tables are typed in MS Word. Tables should have numbers and titles (in bold) that should appear above the tables.
  • Graphic material (drawings, diagrams, photographs) should be generalized research materials. The graphic material must be of high quality, in JPG format with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The names and numbers of the graphic material should be indicated (in bold) under the image.
  • Formulas and mathematical symbols must be executed either in MS Word using the built-in formula editor or in the MathType editor.
  • Tables, graphics and formulas should not go beyond the specified fields.
  • "References" - issued in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003 "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of compilation" and should include no more than 10 sources. The first reference in the text to the literature should have the number [1], the second - [2], etc. While referring to a result from a book, its number from the list of references and the number of the page (separated by commas) on which this result is published are indicated. For example: [8, p. 325]. References to unpublished works are not allowed.
  • The references should not include normative documents, statistical collections, articles from newspapers. They are placed in parentheses after being mentioned in the text. Links to Internet sites are made according to GOST 7.5-98, preference is given to electronic journals. Self-citation should not exceed 20% of the total list. Literary sources of no more than 5-10 years old should make up a significant part of the list.
  • Underlines, bold and italics are not allowed in the text.
  • Articles by authors from other organizations are accepted if there is a cover letter from the organization recommending the article for publication.
  • Articles are accepted if there is a signature of the authors at the end of the article, the supervisor where the research was carried out. An electronic version of the article is attached. On a separate sheet, it is necessary to give information about all the authors: Full name, academic degree, full name of the organization, its address, phone, fax, e-mail.
  • Articles that do not meet the specified requirements are not accepted for publication. The editorial board of the journal is not responsible for the content of the submitted articles.


Publication of articles is free of charge.

In order to prepare for the publication of the conference materials in a timely manner, we ask you to submit articles by June 5, 2022.

The organizers of the International Summer School-2022 will select articles by relevance and significance.

The authors are responsible for the quality of the submitted material. The text is the original and cannot be edited. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject reports received later than the deadline and issued in violation of the requirements, as well as those that do not meet the subject of the conference.


 Sample submission of the article


Akhmetova А., Sarsenov B.

Kazakh National Agrarian Research University





Keywords: ххххх, хххххххх, хххххххх, хххххххх, хххххххххх.


Further the content of the article



хххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххх [1, p. 155].


хххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххх [2,3].

Methods and materials




хххххххххххххххххх [1, p. 202].


хххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххххх [4,5].

Results and discussion










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Information about the authors: It includes the following elements: surname, first name, patronymic, academic degree, academic title, position, place and address of work, country name, email address (e-mail), contact phone numbers.


Surname First Name – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Agriculture, Agricultural Experimental Station LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, 110008, Kostanay region, Kostanay, Yubileynaya str., 44, tel.: 87071234567, e-mail: 34535@yandex.kz